Sunday, February 12, 2012

ZENONIA® 4 1.0.1 Apk game

ZENONIA ® 4: The Return of the legend, Extreme Action-RPG. The final action RPG is back, now glorious HD! When an ancient evil that threatens to erupt into the world, the heroes of age must gather once again to change the course of destiny. Join Regret, Michael, Ecne, Lu has started and most of the greatest adventure yet ZENONIA!

The previous best looking ZENONIA ®
Discover the world of higher education in vivid HD quality, amazing pictures, now optimized for screens with high quality and superb animation.

Visceral combat and DYNAMIC
Expected to be a force - Powerful unleash devastating combo shots and explosive skills with visual style and tone.

 GEAR UP adapt and epic adventure
Choose the best strategy and equip your Slayer, Blader, Ranger or Druid Class Heroes with innumerable options of armor, weapons and items.

Last action RPG experience
Level up through the normal, hard and bright mode. Master-Sync system and destroy the fairy has hundreds of normal and legendary monsters.

Challenge the World in Expanded PVP
Dealing with asynchronous PvP arena in line with the new 2-on-2 battle or compete in areas Abyss for booty, and take as mercenaries to other players. The execution chamber and classic one-on-1 also growls back.

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