Thursday, June 21, 2012

Star Battalion QVGA ,HVGA ,WVGA HD Apk v3.1.6 + SD Data

Star Battalion HD qvga is a aircraft simulator quality game for Android smart phone. You have to move into the future and to manage a military jet fighter. In this fight galactic battles an enemy trying to destroy it will obey the orders of the commander and shows his skill and ingenuity.

We shoot and dodge the bullets of the enemies and asteroids. But beyond that, enjoy the colorful landscape of an unknown planet and the beauty of open spaces. The playing field is very different! You can play Star Battalion QVGA, HVGA, WVGA HD Apk game with SD Data.

How to install:
1) Install game apk.
2) Then copy Game Data to ''sdcard/games/'' (Create the folder ''games'' in sd card)
3) Enjoy!

Mass Effect Infiltrator Apk crack

Mass Effect Infiltrator produced by Electronic Arts (EA) and IronMonkey. This story reminded of the EA strategy last year, when they released Dead Space 2 in multi-platform and Dead Space ™ on Android and IOS. The result is EA making a lot of advantages.

If Mass Effect 3 tells the story of Captain Shepard, who returned to Earth to face trial for his actions while in Mass Effect 2. However, the earth suddenly attacked by alien Reaper and he could not fight it. Shepard then fled to another planet to ask for help and take the fight. While Mass Effect Infiltrator Ezno Randall told an agent of Cerberus. After she completed a mission on the ice planet, he returned to headquarters and found that tech support is, Inali Renata, captured by high-ranking Cerberus.

Randall Inali Ezno then seek and find his partner was being chopped up and modified inhumane. Randall was angry and rebellious of Cerberus. At the station is owned by Cerberus Randall to kill you control all the enemies while trying to save Inali, fun! well for those of you who are interested in Android game Third Person Shooter (TPS) Mass Effect Infiltrator Android please download via the link below

How To Install:
1) Install the apk and tap done (If do not put the SD data yet it will be force closed and its normal)
2) Download & Extract the data files part1-part2-part3 in the same folder
3) Put the game data to sdcard/android/data/
4) In the sd data delete in
5) Launch the game and enjoy!

Complete the game to increase your War Assets. Improve your chances in the final Mass Effect 3 battle – on the go! Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v (P7100), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510), Acer Iconia Tab A500, Acer IconiaTab A501.Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Ace, Vibrant; HTC Sensation, Hero, Desire, Desire HD (Ace), Desire S, Desire Z (G2, Vision), Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, Incredible 2, Incredible S, Inspire 4G, LG P990 Optimus 2X, P999 (Star, G2x), Revolution VS910, Optimus 3D P920, Thrill 4G (P925), P929; Motorola Droid X, Xoom; Sony-Ericsson SO-01C (Xperia Arc), Xperia Neo, Xperia Play.

SD Data  password = RugadingKu

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Age of Defenders Apk v0.2.3

Age of Defenders is totally addictive multiplayer TD game where you defend your base while attack the enemies. It's a cross-platform game. This means that players will be able to play against iPad2 Android, Mac, Windows or Linux. That the real OS wars begin!

This game is very different from "normal" Tower Defense games. You do not have a computer dummy defeat. They are people with different tactics, but the same goal - to survive and win. Age of Defenders is a must-have for all fans of tower defense.

  • Multiplayer mode – challenge players worldwide
  • Five single player campaign with Easy and Hard difficulty
  • 6 tower types for your protection
  • 6 unit types for conquering anybody who dares to stand against you
  • Charming graphics
  • Atmospheric music
  • Amazing gameplay providing lot of entertainment!
  • Your goal is to defend your base from being hit by the enemy units and to destroy your enemy by crashing 15 units into his base.
  • Choose from 6 different towers and use them for the protection. Build them on the top of the hills so they can shoot further.
  •  Laser, Rocket and Air Defense towers have secondary mode that enable you vary your tactics. 
  • Place Coondie mine on the pink spot to increase income of your resources – you will be able to build more. 
  • Towers get upgraded, be careful about those being destroyed.
  • Build your army – choose from 6 ground and air units and plan your attack carefully. 
  • Use the most vulnerable path to the enemy base. By gaining skill points, you can upgrade strength of your units too.
  • Display resolution 1280x800
  • hardware at least 1GHz CPU with 1 GB RAM
What's in this version : (Updated : Mar 5, 2012)
  • Air Tower speed in second mode decreased
  • Chat icon now shows number of unread messages
  • New news section
  • Chat is now more optimised
  • Singleplayer loading freeze fixed
 Note: Only tablets/Phones with HD resolution 1280x800 are supported!

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Lush Tower Defense Full Apk v1.0.0

Lush Tower Defence is now available on Android version! This is the ad-free version.Help defend Lushington Springs in this fast paced Tower Defense. Fight through the forests, snowy mountain passes, deserts, farms and even the city itself and defeat the last attempt to invade host.

Earn trophies and unlock benefits as you progress through the game to win, to have an advantage over the enemy. This game is going to win an ongoing challenge and a real sense of accomplishment when you level.

This is fully functional, supported version, which comprises:
7 levels of large
15 Units
15 towers
22 results
5 Perks (unlocked through achievements)

Required Android O / S: 2.1 +

N.O.V.A 3 apk & Sd Data

NOVA 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 is the most engaging and fascinating sci-fi FPS game franchise on Android smartphones. The struggle for survival in the largest space shooter on mobile devices is back!

But after the assassination of President Folsom, resulted in the government of the Protectorate Volterite colonies to prevent civil war. Kal Wardin was low, after the death of Folsom, but now has a frantic call came from Jelena received on the earth. Once again, the hero must rise in order to save humanity!

Note: N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance requires 2 GB free memory space for installation


1) An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns to Earth after years of exile! Fight in 10 immersive levels across the galaxy, from a war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.
2) Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot, drive vehicles, and pilot a mech to defeat hordes of enemies.
3) Join 12-player battles in 6 multiplayer modes (Capture the Point, Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 6 different maps.
4) For the first time, multiple allies can jump inside the same vehicle and spread destruction on the battlefield.
5) Discover the new FPS benchmark for graphics and gameplay (real-time shadow & lights, particle system, ragdoll physics, etc.)

How to install:
1) Install the apk
2) Put The data to Sdcard/Android/data/
3) Play & Enjoy

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Download N.O.V.A 3 apk     Download SD Data part 1      SD Data part 2

Friday, June 15, 2012

Daredevil Nik walk across Niagara Falls on High-Wire

Daredevil Nik Wallenda fulfilled his childhood dream of walking on a tightrope in Niagara Falls and realized in the history books.He is the first person to walk directly over the falls. Crowds packed the U.S. and Canadian sides of the border with winds of 33 brave and strong splashes of walking on a rope 60 meters above the highest waterfall in North America to watch.

The Niagara Falls are the most powerful in North America. They were formed by flowing glacial retreat at the end of the last ice age, with an average of four million cubic meters of water from the Great Lakes over the crest each minute and carving the path to the Atlantic Ocean.

After a short prayer, Wallenda got the cable and direct from New York to Canada. With the help of a long arm, Wallenda was carefully his feet along the cable length and maintained a laser-like focus on his task.

The hair-raising walk took 25 minutes less than the expected 35 to 40 minutes.
He jumped off the high wire on the Canadian side at 22:40 clock (0220 GMT).
The event took place on U.S. network ABC broadcast with a delay of five seconds.
Wallenda was wearing a suit and waterproof suede soles slippers designed by her mother.
Powerful TV lights focused on him all the way, as millions of people around the world have followed the event on television.
The acrobat was a two-way radio and a small headset, and was with the father, identified by ABC as Terry troffers communicate.

"My God, it's amazing, is breathtaking," Wallenda said shortly after the beginning of his research.
He later claimed to be "very wet."
"It's so physical, not only spiritually, but physically," said Wallenda. "The fight against the wind is not easy. I feel my hands are numb."
Wallenda's father gave him words of encouragement during the walk.
"You're doing well. Take your time," said troffers, the ABC described as the security coordinator of the event.
The audience applauded when Wallenda reached the Canadian side of the falls.
Always up to date, Wallenda knelt briefly on cable and waved to the crowd roar.
At the urging of ABC Wallenda was a dish that he climb on the rope when he slipped and fell appropriate permits.
Shortly after his arrival in Canada, called Wallenda her grandmother on a cell phone. "Hey Grandma, I love you," he said. Wallenda said he had promised when the company he concluded, because he could not give to be there.
Any attempt to cross the falls is generally prohibited, but an exception was made for Wallenda, who comes from a long line of circus performers and acrobats.
Fourteen daredevils attempted the feat, and occasionally in the 19 Century it was possible before further tests are banned. However, they were in a much quieter section of the waterfall. Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls crossed unprecedented in a circle.
In a press conference, a smiling, but tired Wallenda said that he made, especially through the fog and wind in question. "The fog was worse than I thought," he said. "The winds were pretty fierce out there."
And yet, "was worth every minute and every penny," said Wallenda. "I loved every minute of it."
Wallenda said he also plans to cross the Grand Canyon - a distance three times higher than Niagara Falls - for his next high-wire act. He said he already has a permit, and held that "within three to five years, if not before."
During the walk Wallenda were children aged nine, 11 and 14, observed.
The achievement of Acrobat adds the tradition and the legend of the famous Wallenda family performed, known for surprising audiences all over the world with their breathtaking stunts by dizzying heights.
Her fame began in 1978 when they the subject of popular made-for-TV movie, The Great Wallendas were made.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

PlayerPro Music Player v2.44 Apk

PlayerPro Music Player is an advanced music and video player for Android 2.0+ devices. Browse and play your music by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists. Download free mediafire link. New update features : sort songs, albums, artists using different criteria (track, file name, title, album, artist, duration, year, date added etc), New Cloudy skin, lyrics screen auto update to match playing song.

Key Features:

  • Video browser and player.
  • Automatically downloads missing album artwork, artist pictures and genre illustrations.
  • Manually pick your preferred album artwork, artist pictures, genre illustrations from the Internet, the Gallery app, ID3 tags, or album folder.
  • Read album and artist REVIEWS.
  • Change the user interface of the Player by installing one of the 14 available SKINS, all for free.
  • Customize the layout, chosing between GRID or LIST views.
  • Download, search and and save LYRICS to your music files using standard ID3 tags.
  • Single and group TAG EDITING: title, album, artist, album artist, track, year, genre, comment. Formats supported: mp3, ogg, flac, wma, wav, m4a, mp4.
  • Mixable AUDIO EFFECTS for Android >2.3 devices: 5 band graphic EQUALIZER with default/customizable presets (edit, rename, delete), STEREO WIDENING effect (virtualizer), REVERB effects (large hall, medium hall, plate, small room, medium room, large room), BASS BOOST effect, volume control.
  • Free additional DSP PLUGIN for Android <=2.2 or >=2.3 devices: 10 band graphic EQUALIZER with 15 default/customizable presets, PRE-AMP control, BASS BOOST control, volume control. Go to Settings > Audio and select "Download DSP pack" option to install the free plugin.
  • Dolby and SRS sound effects for HTC devices equipped with HTC sound enhancement (HTC desire HD, etc).
  • Music stats and SMART PLAYLISTS: Recently added, Top rated, Most played, Recently played, Least played. Build additional custom playlists using the SMART PLAYLIST EDITOR and the many different criteria it offers: album, artist, title, play/skip count, last played/added, rating, is a podcast, duration, year etc. All smart playlists are AUTO-UPDATED.
  • Import and export music history and ratings from your favorite desktop music player: Songbird, Winamp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey ...
  • Music folder selection.
  • Choice of 2 LOCK SCREEN widgets with many customization options: unlock slider, sound toggler, skip tracks using volume buttons, swipe gestures, background selection, controls selection, time display, skin selection ...
  • Choice of 5 different home screen WIDGETS (4x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 4x2). All widgets are customizable and skinnable: 6 different SKINS available, option to display artist picture instead of album artwork, option to display ratings, shuffle/repeat controls etc.
  • NOTIFICATION STATUS support: display album artwork, title, album and artist, play/pause, skip forward and stop CONTROLS (ICS only) in notification status.
  • Supported SCROBBLERS: Simple, Scrobble Droid, Official app.
  • SLEEP TIMER with fade out.
  • SHARE text notifications, album/artist artwork on your favorite social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Picassa etc.
  • HEADSET support. Customize long press and double/triple press actions.
  • Library wide SEARCH. VOICE search support.
  • SWIPE gestures (player: swipe album art to skip songs, browsers: swipe left to play next, swipe right to play last).
  • SHAKE IT feature: give your phone a shake to play next/previous song (e.g.: shake top to bottom or bottom to top to play next/previous song).
  • Create playlist SHORTCUTS.
  • APP2SD support.

What's in this version: (Updated : Jun 5, 2012)
  • Sort functionality: sort songs, albums, artists using different criteria (track, file name, title, album, artist, duration, year, date added etc)
  • Lyrics management improvements: zoom in/out, keep screen on, lyrics screen auto update to match playing song, fixed "failed to save lyrics" bug
  • New skin: Cloudy (credits: Thomas Doussin)
  • New skin: ICS (credits: GrĂ©gory Meyer)
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: 2 skins per week during the month to come
  • Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 support (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • A few bug fixes

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Battlefield 3 Guns v1.0.2 Apk game

Battlefield 3 Guns apk features; a wide selection of weapons, ranging from assault rifles, to sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, SMGs and pistols.

The following elite weapons included in this deck applications:
  • machines - AEK-971 - AK-74M - AN-94 - AS VAL - F2000 - G3 - KH2002 - M16A3 - M416 - FAMAS - L85A2 Carbine
  • A-91 - AKS -74U - G36C - M4A1 - SCAR H - SG553 - G53 
  • Guns - M27 round - M240B - M249 - M60E4 - PEP Pecheneg - RPK-74M - Type 88 LMG
  • handguns - .44 Magnum - 93R - G17C - G18 - M9 - MP412 REX - MP443
  • Guns - 870MCS - DAO-12 - M1014 - Saiga-12K - USAS-12
  • personal defense weapons - MP7 - P90 - PP-2000 - PDW-R - UMP-45 - PP -19
  • sniper rifle - M39 EMR - M40A5 - M82A3 - M98B - MK11 MOD 0 - SKS - SVD - SV98v