Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lord of Darkness v1.0 Apk

Lord of Darkness is a 3D action game in which the main character, a dark monitor missing after being arrested while infiltrating the "Tower of Death". The entire game was a flight 3D from 2D-strip method, so you can experience more three-dimensional graphics and fantasy are implemented.

The basic concept of the Lord of Darkness is simple. As the Lord of Darkness, you will receive another captured and must escape his 100-level tower. To do this, you take it, and crawl your way through each level, the purchase of new items and power-ups and generally a mess of the place. Do you feel the joy of swift action, only the combination of direction, connection, roller, or key skills and strategic action, but glorious, because the function is made possible by any other weapon.

Controls the default virtual D-pad and buttons, and work well as a whole. Sometimes, the collision detection feels a bit 'off, mainly because it is absolutely necessary for him with your enemies, in order to successfully beat. There are no surprises or major complaints about how the game plays.

Game Features Lord of Darkness:You can sequential efficient skills and different situations (flight) with a combo system of attack and roll or the fundamental combinations of action games may be called.

Guns skill system - Stylish Action: A total of 5 weapons, including One Handed Sword, Long Sword, Gauntlet, bomb and GUN are available. Each weapon has different characteristics and styles of attack. You can use two skill with each weapon. Each weapon is divided into a skill, imagination is a powerful offensive force and a sort of support skills to support battles. You can equip up to 4 weapons to be used strategically for each phase.

Stage - 100!: The game consists of a total of 100 initiatives taken as a concept of flight 100-story tower underground. As you go on each floor, is the difficulty of the game with a different structure or monsters seem to be increased. You also need a strategy game as a powerful bosses appear at certain stages.

Arena Mode - Challenge Unlimited!: The Arena of survival mode type is a way to cancel a total of 25 waves at one time, under limited conditions. You can create objects of reward secrets cleared each time a particular wavelength region, and rare items do not exist on this game available here.

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