Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Escape Velocity HD Android Apk

The escape velocity Inertia is a game where you play a futuristic garbage collectors collect what I can only assume are generic, mass-production machinery farsighted. Oh, yes, you can also turn off gravity. I have the game now for 15 minutes, so I'm practically a pro and feel like I will show you some of my videos, thanks to the game. You can feel free to contact the part where I die about 30 times in a row to be ignored.

As you can clearly see, the game is just fantastic. It is played with no problems even with all the physics involved and the random shit you pull out. This game could be a hit, although it uses 8-bit graphics, but does not work, using 3D graphics. The last time I did it was a game in terms of graphics and gameplay muffin Knight was shot and until now I thought MK was untouchable. I think it's safe to say that inertia is Escape Velocity, Muffin Knight touched with enthusiasm.

Having said all these awesome things to point out that if you want to download, there are four different versions of Android Market. There is the escape velocity inertia, Inertia Lite Escape Velocity, Escape Velocity and Inertia Inertia HD LiteHD escape velocity.

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