Monday, February 27, 2012

Bluetooth File Explorer v1.7 Apk Full Version

In Bluetooth File Explorer file / app are transfer and exchange through easy to BluetoothExplorer . A file manager that allows browsing and file management on local and remote Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth can File Transfer Profile (FTP). No advertising and no authorization to connect to the Internet.Lite & Free Trial version of this application to check for compatibility before buying.Should be able to connect to remote devices to run an FTP server or the Bluetooth application, the built-in 
Bluetooth FTP server:
Bluetooth is an FTP server application that uses the server side of Bluetooth FTP profile in accordance with the Bluetooth SIG ( (Most of this smart phone supports) defines

key Features:
1 Before you browse the file system of the remote device
2 According create / delete remote files or folders
3 Third push / pull files from / to the remote device

4 Push applications on the remote device
5 Browse the local file system
6 Create local folders
7 local file operations: Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename and Delete

Features built-in Bluetooth FTP server:
  •  Before Share your file system of the device with other Bluetooth devices (if the FTP server is started)
  •  According Authorization request to connect to ftp server remote devices 
  •  The third upload, download files from the device to the remote device 
  •  Delete, create files or folders on your device

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