Thursday, February 9, 2012

Counter Fire 2 v2.01 Apk Android game

Counter Fire 2 is the 3D 3rd person shooter survival game for your android smartphone!Now download and install sd data on your memory card, follow instruction bellow and play enjoyable game.



New pak file
Create 'counterfire2folder in the root of your SD card and a '"base folder-fire in it.
2. Download the copying and pak.pk3 counterfire2/basefire pak.pk3.

When you start the game, you must first download the pak files & you can start the game by downloading the pak file first with 119MB
 - Please use WiFi for fast downloading
 - Additional costs may be verified by the condition of your internet data rate.
 - You can stop more than 5 minutes to download on your download status

  How to play the game
1.Please enter the menu button on the device after the start of the game.
 You can use some sort of control.

 The type of "touch screen" is generally
 - Keyboard + tilts forward (if you can use a qwterty keyboard, you can control the game with the QWERTY keyboardor G-sensor (tilt sensor) on your mobile
 - Touch-screen (Please use the virtual controller on the bottom of the screen.
 (If you select the screen you can see the joystick on the respective side (right and left) on the screen.)
You can play the second game by pressing the menu button and select the option to play sound
Third, you can move the character with a touch screen or with G-sensor!

 - When all the balls are exhaustedweapon will be changed automaticallywhich previously received.
 Alsoif you get a new itemthe weapon will be changed automatically.

  Details Updated - Counter Fire2
 - Display more dynamic
 - Easy to control
 - Available for up to 4 characters
 - Up to 19 different types of card support

Needs Android 2.2 and higher devices. 
File nameCounter_Fire_2.apk 
File size: 1.80 MB

Download Counter Fire 2 Apk v2.01
Apk file       |    SD Data     |      Mirror

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