Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Opera Mobile web browser v11.5.4 Apk

Opera Mobile browser is smooth, fast, and makes surfing the web on a mobile device more fun and more efficient than ever. A web browser is ideal for fast network connections for mobile phone (such as Wi-Fi or 3G). The work of Facebook, Google, Yahoo! Mobile with Opera, all your favorite Web sites on your mobile phone or tablet size.



  • A new interface looks better on the device and offers mobile operators a compact, modern-looking browser.
  • Pinch to zoom and panning can be the most natural and intuitive to navigate.
  • Speed ​​Dial and more to your computer or other mobile devices via Opera Link bookmark synchronization.
  • Twitter and Facebook support is built in, so you can easily share with other web content.
  • Free games and applications from the store Speed ​​Dial in Opera Mobile Opera Mobile can be downloaded.
  • Opera Mobile browser is the latest, when connected to Wi-Fi or wireless broadband.
  •  You can also use Opera Mini, the fastest browser on Earth.
  • Opera Mini compresses data can be used up to 90% and is the best choice when using slower networks or pay per megabyte of data.   

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