Monday, February 27, 2012

Third Blade v1.0.3 Apk

3 types of blades dual wield, one-handed blade, and two-handed sword, can be used to defeat all kinds of evil monsters, how to play together! The final action game with endless battles against the monsters that keep you from completed immersed in tension and emotion of the third Blade RPG

Get a taste of the full action RPG surrounded by horrible monsters really wipe out your way! Action increases with speed hilarious! Use any combo can improve your weapons in three phases and be part of this action drama exquisite! This is what is called action RPG real!  

1) 3 weapons in stimulative action against the evil monster hand!
  • Dual Wield: can hurt you, but your enemies with rapid fire speed can also act as 
  • Single blade: Longer attack times as ambidextrous. The safest and most effective attack 
  • Two-handed sword: big and heavy, and makes the pain more powerful and stronger
2) different skills enhancement combo 3-stage
  •  Each weapon has different abilities. Try to get the skills you want to add more! 
  •  Learn the 3 phases of expansion for each unique transformation gauge combo!
Level 1: normal attacksStep 2: fast attacks in each weapon 
Step 3: attacks accelerated a decline of skill cool time!

3) Another feature updates available in the markets!
  • Make your most powerful weapon! Ruin all rivals with a weapon more powerful! 
  • Buy cast different abilities and skills on your evil enemy!
4) Other emotions!
  • Normal mode and arcade mode, the gym, the prison, the Tower of Time, and more!

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