Thursday, February 2, 2012

Angry Birds Rio v1.4.2 Apk Game for Android

Angry Birds Rio is the original Angry Birds, and stole the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they escape their captors and forced to his friends, and save Blue Jewel - Two rare and Star Fox film, Rio de Janeiro. Angry Birds Rio pairs of Physics on the original gameplay with unique features is based, the film is the game for the first time Apple releases IOS based.the in December 2009. Since then, more than 12 million copies of the game from Apple's App Store, which led the company to versions for other touchscreen-based smartphone, as it was bought with the Android OS design, among others.

Angry Birds Rio (Ad Free) 1.4.2 for Android 1.6 + devices.

Angry Birds Rio features:
Four great episodes with 120 exciting levels

Completely new construction
Special trophies to the discovery of hidden fruit
Spectacular boss battles - the ultimate test of your skills Angry Birds
They expect a lot more to come: the episodic updates will continue throughout 2011

A new pattern of revenge

Now, after too short a period of peacea new mission will be revealed. Kidnappedimprisonedkidnapped and left in a foreign country by smugglers of animalsthe Angry Birds escape the clutches of their tormentors mess - but they soon discover a deeper purpose.

Oscillations of rare and endangered birds being held in Rio de Janeiroand it is up to the Angry Birds winged their friends by cracking open their cages and free delivery to the rescue.

20th Century Fox and Rovio feathered forces have joined forces, uniting the heroes of Angry Birds with the stars and the plot of RioTake off in a flurry of challenges and exciting game as the smugglers escapebreak their hiding placesand take the great adventure Angry Birds!

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