Monday, February 20, 2012

Extreme Call Blocker Droid 2.7.7 apk

Extreme Call Blocker Droid 27.7, almost all to avoid unwanted phone calls, personal safe texts, to ensure privacy. This particular application is currently completely adequate for the Google Android four. Zero, tested to work Google Android Nexus Universe special four. Zero.
This particular application may be suitable for Android seconds. three (Gingerbread) with a pickup-hangup function. Tested on Nexus T, Droid by HTC EVO-4-G, HTC EVO-Change, HTC EVO-dimensional special joy.

If you are an obstacle to a call / message application, Extreme Call Blocker Droid is actually the 27.7 application you need. This is actually the first call / msg affect the application on the market, and enjoy the largest acquisition (~ 20, 000 sold), but have more than 4.5 typical rank and excellent customer service ranking.

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