Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seed 3 Apk for android

Seed 3 Confines Of Fate is the third volume of the series. The story begins Mashima Kingdom existing at the opposite side of the continent Khalikuf whish was the central place for Volume 1 & 2 It depends on your choice and decide whether the hero, Makhail, can fight against his fate.

Game Features:

First System 4 unique professions
   4 different types of professions as a knight, warrior, archer and mage can be selected and a unique combat system that can be experienced for the job.
Second Big hit sensation and action
    5 kinds of buff and more than 24 types of skills in attack and defense are used, and the beautiful presentation of each skill offers a lively fight compulsive viewing, even for a moment. The new conceptual way of escape is an important technique for a dramatic reversal groped.

Third Several game systems
    By creating different game systems, such as the naval battles, arena, dragon race, etc., meet different user needs, and doubles the fun with the game from the hunt monsters repeatedly.

4th Different types of missions
    In pursuit of diversity in the composition of the missions, such as the filing of the monster grew, collection, transport, NPC security, protection, rescue, sea battles, fighting the invasion of the vessel, the modernization of equipment, etc., made, that all "you hear a new fun, as you repeat the game.

5th Clothing more advanced system
    The unique elements for each of all equipment will be provided so that the appearance of the sign changed to bear in point. Try your character nicely with the latest clothing system.

6th Opportunity to continue the game by three rounds
    E 'can enjoy games in three rounds, with the sequence of values ​​and the ability of the objects after the end of a game.

7th Network Storage and trade
    Try to deposit items or exchange them with other users on the network menu system.

8th strange dungeon
    It can be inserted and the high level of equipment can be obtained by the NPC in the town arena director.

Requirements 2.1 +
Version: v1.0.1 Update
Bug Fix world map label

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