Sunday, May 27, 2012

n7player Music Player v1.2.4 apk app

n7player Music Player is an innovative 3D MP3 music player available on Android smart phone. And "Their music as a single plan view, complete with album art, you can zoom in and out, with multi-touch to see different views of your music, the main screen is like a cloud of tags that are easily explored interactively. able to find your MP3 files. The names of the artists gradually turns into the album when pinched-to-zoom. The minimalist design and the smooth surface allows users to quickly choose their favorite music from their library.

n7player the function of art has the most advanced Cover download available on the market. You can use the missing album art for both its own and easy to particular screen, where you can pick and choose an album from the Internet to use.

Android 2.3 + is required to use equalizers and other sound effects.

Allowed to read sensitive data protocol is only necessary to add more information in the event of application crashes when the user, offering to send their logs to decide developers.

There are 14 days fully functional trial version. N7player Full Version Unlocker is to play Google.

Key Features:
- User interface to OpenGL only, innovative, fully assembled multi-wall album cover tangible basis
- Supported audio formats: MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WAV, 3GP, middle, XMF ogg, avi (4.0 +), FLAC (3.1 +), AAC (+ 3.1)
- 5-band graphic equalizer with presets - requires Android 2.3 +
- Impact on the Environment, bass boost and the virtualization technology of sound (SRS / Dolby Surround) (2.3 +)
- Album art automatic and manual artist and image downloader
- Editor of tags for all supported audio formats
- File Browser (SD card) with filters
- 1 × 4, 2 × 4 widgets
- LockScreen Widget with direct release
- Support headset with many options
- Sleep Timer
- Shuffle / Repeat
- Lyrics support, integrated through the lyrics of the songs and plugins musicXmatch
- scrobbling
- Support for M3U play lists

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