Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big time gangsta v2.1.1 apk game

BIG TIME GANGSTA is the best arcade and action game for your android.Build your team from the toughest group of soldiers on the road, ex-cons and wanted criminals roaming the blocks. To survive and thrive in these areas is necessary to avoid dangerous rival gangs before removing to you first. HUSTLING processed and, shooting and stealing is the only way to make these streets, earn money and have the city and BATTLES CRAZY 3D shootouts Equip your banda with deadly weapons, and get straight into action as only one side can survive a deadly shots from across the city owns Take the whole city, building by building, block by block, street by street BADDEST GANGSTAS on the planet you choose from 7 of the craziest Gangstas your Banda Big Time arsenal form FATAL FIRE Banda arm yourself with some of your magnum deadliest weapons in the streets, pistols and machine guns with the results of potent OpenFeint Big Time means nothing when your opponents are even greater. Show them who's boss in order to win success Gangsta.

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