Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cytus v1.2.0 Full Apk Game

Cytus is the most impressive music mobile phone game. Welcome to the world of music Cytus. Check the screenshots and you'll see the most impressive mobile music game ever! Just enjoy!

  • + 18 + 36 songs and variations, including many famous composers from around the world
  • Beautiful hand-style art (as seen in the screenshot)
  • Easy and intuitive scanning system of the active line and 3 types of notes
  • Various display modes allow the player-friendly preview notes
  • Strong beats and rhythms of a satisfactory feedback taps
  • More than 9 levels of difficulty for more fun and challenges
  • Different kinds of music: pop, jazz, trance, hardcore, drum 'n bass and many other
  • OpenFeint integration To: Challenge from the fingers all over the world!
  • Connect to Facebook and show your skills Cytus.

How to play:
  • Next on the Active Scan
  • Tap each character by means of a leash
  • Timing of the valves, because the line in the middle of a note from a higher score!
  • In the distant future, are the only sentient beings on the robot world.
  • You are the last remnant of the human spirit.
  • However, the man is not dead.
  • The technique is that is capable of transferring memory in this robot.
  • But with limited space, new memories gradually overwrite the old one.
  • To avoid fading of emotions in human memory, use the robot to the excitement of the music, and stores them in a place called Cytus convert.
  • The robots use these songs to experience human emotions and the dream that the soul exists in each 
Note:  You need to put the obb file on your sdcard at "/sdcard/Android/obb/com.rayark.Cytus.full/" before to launch the game.

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