Friday, May 11, 2012

Dragon Hunter Ice v1.0 Apk

Dragon Hunter Ice Arrow brings more layered and noble head crab.Want to be a Dragon Hunter? Request this tower defense game Feelingtouch Inc. Dragon attack, to defend your castle.

How to play:
* Fling arrows moves his finger on the screen.
* Earn money when they kill dragons.
* Collect food you use your boat for the dead dragon.
* Use the coins to upgrade your arrow, magical powers, and other goods.
* Repair the castle with the workshop
* Use wizards to kill them all.

provides for:
* Weapons such as an arrow poison dart arrows, and dizziness. improve your performance numbers and arrow arrow.
* Repair to repair the castle of the wounded. Use coins to recruit more in order to accelerate repair.
* Food, coins and hunters. Hunters consume food every game on the stage and when the food is not enough.
* Magic as a fire mage ice mage, wizard of wind and light magician, increase your magic power.
* Boss with 3 different weapons and magic.

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