Thursday, May 3, 2012

Camera360 Ultimate iphone IPA 1.4

Camera  360 is the most popular mobile application for the photograph on another platform on the iPhone platform presents now with the global brand now, the interface and operation. Believe it or not. It brings you the new experience.

Camera  360 is a global software popular for mobile photography,  have a photo taken by mobile camera most fascinating, interesting and fun.

The following points are on his shining your attention:

# Brand new User interface: shoot at your most convenient way is to design suitable for shooting human engineering.
# Start focusing and photometry of individual fingers glide
# Boot automatically remove red eyes
# Super Burst function: its speed up to 180 pieces per minute and take the current one.
# Two latex, four puzzle grid function of location: Your vivid picture
# Easy to share: directly on your photos on Flickr, Facebook and Sina Weibo parties.

In addition, the Chamber's most popular 360 13 types of special effects and special camera, which includes:

Camera  Enhancement Effect: Select the camera takes pictures at the richer not only inside but also outside, no matter day or night.
Lomo camera: make your magic more photos and have your individual personality.
Camera in Black and White: Even the simplest black and white effect, you can use the wide range of experience that feeling, you go searching for Please believe it will bring many surprises.
Japanese style Camera : Babes favorite, sweet style.
HDR Camera: Super HDR photos to your landscape full of visual impact.
Retro-Camera: with its strong retro classic look, the photos show full of visual effects and mysterious atmosphere and there is unprecedented freedom, with the romance, the freedom.
Hand Painted Photography: Take the world of cartoons, and achieve seamless integration between reality and art, painting.
Camera  Ambilight: an absolutely stunning photo effect, make your photo looked like a fairyland.
Dreamy Bedroom: embrace the dreamlike beauty.
Camera 1839: Let the photograph from 1839, while the first generation camera was invented, and experience the diverse history.
Double Fun: You make your photo funny and full of interest immediately.
Ghost House: WOW! Spirit! Yes, the spirit of all, use the camera and spirit made them look!

What's new in Version 2
Before Jigsaw is the new free feature.
According Add new function that photographs can be imported from the album.
Third Recently POSE Guide function.
4 'Color Magic' is a new addition.
5 Introduction of new interface features is new.

IPA size 24.9 MB
Languages: English, Chinese
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi iPad 2 + 3G. Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or higher.

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