Tuesday, May 1, 2012

business calendar 2011 Apk

Business calendar is a android phones calendar application that is complete synchronization with Google Calendar! There is also a free ad-supported version of Business (Business calendar called free), you can try the free version before buying the person responsible. Please do not move the application on the SD card, if you want to use widgets (general limitation of the Android operating system)!

The application depends on the application calendar storage memories make sure that they do not, if you want to receive alerts for your event!

* Smooth scrolling view of the road for several days (1-14 days)
* Presentation of graphics and text
* Month, day, date and event views
* Quick fade in / out with the calendars favorite bar
* search
* Drag and Drop
* The widget can be configured in various sizes of monthly, weekly, and daily calendar view
* Easily change between the bars of the chronology of events and titles in the month view
* Intuitive new management option: move the fingers on certain days of interest in relation to other days in open view
* Quick Facts days, if you add a new event
* The many options for recurring events (such as adding a recurring event, every two weeks on Tuesday and Thursday)
* Ability to link a contact to an event
* Context-sensitive help system to optimize your work with the business calendar

Please note that the application is now working with the Motorola Xoom, but is not optimized for high-resolution screen of the device. For example, some views and widgets may seem rather low on the Motorola Xoom at the moment. We are about to streamline the application for the Motorola Xoom and other (future) high-resolution devices in a future update!
What is in this version:
The calendar widget has been revised:
New option to change the order of the day widget structure (10 models)
New (optional) header indicates the current date
Ability to adjust the transparency of the widget (Android version 2.3)
The calendar widget is now sliding finger gestures when using one of these jugs home screen: Go Launcher Ex, ADW Launcher, LauncherPro, Live Home, dxTop, Nemus Launcher Launcher Queen
Other changes and bug fixes

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