Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Faster Downloads Apk

FasterDownloads to your phone by Android Faster downloads app. This is a download accelerator, limiting Android, avoid downloading files and gives you a much needed boost of speed when you turn embedded in multi-threaded downloads!

Many change file services with paid account block multi-threaded Download (Megaupload, Filesonic, File serve ...). This is a limit of themselves and there is nothing I do, so it can work. This application is registered as a handler for the majority of known file types so that you can download them as you want whenever you want. It is particularly useful for phones with Touch Wiz (Galaxy line), since the browser has a mediocre manager download (Have you ever tried a apk download? It will not disappoint you. Do not ask me why, I do not understand) . You can also add your link to a Mac or a PC with plug-in with his JD "JD Remote Control" or see a full list of downloads in progress.

If you want to download with Premium Megaupload, Rapidshare or Uploaded.to account, simply log in using the built-in browser app. It will automatically use cookies to activate premium download.

Some third-party browsers (Firefox, Opera, Dolphin ...) block other applications to directly access the URL you visit, though, with a bad side effect: The download manager (and many other applications) is not able to intercept requests Intent. Miren Browser is a browser impressive third parties and is fully supported :). Long story short: Do not worry! You can touch anywhere along the link and will "share", and this application try to download it. And if you share a website that allows you to navigate through them until the attack (useful for sites that you must be logged in) is achieved.
* Premissions *
 - Internet: This is a download manager, you need access to the internet :)
 - SDCard Reader / Writer: As above, this should be clear ... You must put the file somewhere.
 - Public Access: This is more difficult, this permission is only required to know the status of wifi and is currently used by the wizard J Down loader. Soon you will be able to download some / all of the download limit, when only connected to a WiFi network.

Requirements: 1.6 + Andorid
Version: 1.7
Fixed some crashes.
Added option to download all the links from a website.

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