Sunday, April 29, 2012

GRE Vocab Genius IPA 2.2 : iphone GRE vocabulary

GRE Vocab Genius improve your GRE vocabulary faster than with any other vocab app. Applying the latest technology and cognitive science, Brainscape helps you more efficiently than 2,000 "dynamic tabs" to learn both the words and their roots exposed.

Instead of creating quizzes frivolous or distracting to try to make learning "fun," Brainscape optimized science is an algorithm to repeat the tabs on the right side for maximum absorption of your brain, according to the trust. Brainscape ensures that the period of investigation is used as efficiently as possible.

GRE Vocab Genius includes:
• Nearly 1,900 flashcards for some of the most useful yet difficult vocabulary words found on the GRE, complete with definitions, sample sentences, and synonyms
• Over 300 “word elements” flashcards for common prefixes, suffixes, and roots
• A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically
• Convenient “browse” and “search” functions that allow you to easily find cards you want
• Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

The Brainscape team is made up of former executives from The Princeton Review and Kaplan, as well as cognitive scientists formerly with Columbia and Yale. Our mission is to make learning easier and more convenient.

Feel free to check out our website (, where you can create your own flashcards and study anywhere. Good luck!

What's new in Version 2.20110815
-faster performance
-bug fixes
-typo edits

IPA size 4.0 MB
LANGUAGES: English, Chinese, French, Spanish
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

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