Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dangerous v1.0.8 Apk


3D is an epic, open space and living world sandbox RPG combat with a compelling story. Have you been awakened by cryo sleep a century later, and must uncover the truth. Are you afraid of the war that will destroy all life, or the savior of the universe?

Gather your wingmen and travel the galaxy in search of answers. On the way to make a universal AI, a story to pull strings shadow group, a princess, a robot to schizophrenia, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy well, a fearsome mercenary, slave suicide, and a Playboy Fighter Ace.

 Features :
  •  3D real-time sandbox game built with Unity game engine
  •  metallic shader, lighting, particle effects, lens flare, explosions, fx
  •  space combat RPG with extensive skill tree
  •  open and living universe where 600+ ships fly around autonomously
  •  epic story with dialogue system that allows real choices
  •  recruit 6 wingmen and 2 can fly with you at a time
  •  even discover romance with another wing pilot
  •  recruit 5 corporate pilots who can fly trade routes on your behalf
  •  trade, fight, mine, pirate, scan for derelict ships and wormholes
  •  many mission types: epic, freelance, dynamic, wingman acquisition, faction loyalty
  •  deep combat mechanics, AI, and faction standings
  •  20+ ships, 180+ modules, 33 solar systems with a unique follow-through-warp mechanic
  •  15+ factions to vie favor or destroy
  •  cinematic camera shows you the action when it happens
  •  fly manually with or without Newtonian physics or use autopilots exclusively
  •  22 track theatrical-quality award-winning soundtrack by renown composer, Sean Beeson

 Dangerous uses a lot of memory during play, so if you have an older device, please close extraneous programs and reboot prior to playing. You may also turn on the low polygon-count space stations in the Systems menu inside of stations.

 If you're seeing text panes at the bottom of the screen, please start the game in landscape mode. We're investigating a problem with some devices where starting the game while in portrait mode causes this problem.

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