Monday, April 30, 2012

Birzzle Pandora HD IPA

Birzzle Pandora HD IPA:

is a new brand of drag and drop block puzzle game in a row, the same kind of birds and make it disappear with the use of a fingertip. Provides optimized system that supports more flexibility and simplicity of the touch control movements of the previous puzzles on the market, in turn, provides a gallery can enjoy any fast action puzzle. Simply move the birds free. That's all. Move your fingers really fast. To have to be number one.

First Classic mode: A fast action puzzle game free.
Second Pandora Mode: The mode is the purpose of Pandora to fit the birds and collect letters to get the highest score possible in 2 minutes.
Third Ice break-mode: Tense and exciting mode at a certain time, and break the ice.

※ Game specific features: 
1. A game people of all ages can enjoy. 
2. Touch-screen optimized control 
3. Offer 3 different game modes 
4. Support for Game Center. Share your rankings with your friends! 
5. Play with your Facebook friends all over the world. 
6. Stunning visuals that leverage the Retina Display 

※ New features of Birzzle Pandora :
1. Added a new mode : Pandora Mode (By connecting with Facebook, players can compete with others for a high score on leaderboards) 
2. Invite Friends at Fcebook and Get coins. 
3. Connect Faccebook account and get 50,000 coins for gift. 
4. Get high scores using powerbirds. 
5. Newer High quality graphics 
6. More rich and addictive high quality sounds. 
7. Corrected bugs at Classic mode and Ice Break mode 
8. Connection to Official Facebook Fanpage 
9. Added Vibration when the powerbird pops, . 
10. Optimization Graphic Engine for better performance

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