Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dr.Web AntiVirus Apk

Protect your mobile device from viruses and spam with a popular antivirus Web the leading antivirus vendors Russia celebrated its first products appeared on the market in 1992.

Dr.Web AntiVirus provides you and your mobile device with the constant antivirus, filtering calls and SMS and smart tools to find the product if it is lost or to defeat the thieves, in case of theft was.

Dr.Web AntiVirus uses a unique algorithm to detect the malware:

  • Origins Tracing ™ for Android
  • The conquest of new families of viruses with the knowledge database allows real threats previously.
  • A unique record is created for each malicious program and describes the behavior of the sample algorithm. 
  • This represents the efficiency of detecting changes in the new family of whole virus and reduces the size of the firewall.   

    Dr.Web antivirus main features:

    • Protection from virus neutralization and the constant threat. The antivirus checks the file system, files from the spider guard in realtime scanning of all files stored on the device through which it is located.
    • On-demand scan performed by a specific component 
    • scanner: Dr.Web AntiVirus enables quick and thorough investigation of the system files, or scan only the important files and folders.
    • Quarantine: Identified threats will be deleted or moved to Quarantine, where you can check the detailed information about potential malware.
    • SD card protection against contamination and Exploit.Cpllnk autorun files that constitute a threat to Windows.
    • The small size of the updates of virus database allows you to save your traffic and your money if you have limited mobile networks.
    • Detailed statistics on anti-virus service.
    • The proposal has no impact on the operating performance of the system.
    • And do not reduce battery life.
    • You can place the widget on the desktop for easy access and convenient to use the application.
    • Two handy widgets to choose from for antivirus (size 1х1 and 4х1) for management.
    - Selection of calls and SMS filtering mode.
    - Creating your own filter profiles.
    - Edit your blacklist. You can use the contacts you want to block all incoming calls and SMS, on the blacklist.
    - Look for blocked calls and SMS.

    Android Antitheft:

    Android Antitheft helps the mobile device is lost or stolen and remotely delete all personal data.
    Android Antitheft can be directed to the device by sending a special SMS.

    Antitheft allows you to:
    - To activate the locking device to start the new
    - To lock the device and ask for the password to unlock it;
    - To limit the number of errors on the input of the password to unlock the device;
    - To remove the SMS command;
    - For the GPS device, like a link to Google Maps;
    - Saved from a distance, clear data on the SD card;
    - To activate an audible warning device for the closure and the screen;
    - To enter text on the screen is locked;
    - There is a list of friends, news, how to change the SIM card in the device.
    - You will be able to administer antitheft and to prevent the device to unlock their number, in case you've forgotten your password. 

    Current Version: 6.01.8
    Requires Android: 1.6 and up

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