Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winamp Apk for android

Winamp Pro is the ideal multimedia player for Android. Play, manage and synchronize music from your Mac or PC on the Android device - Pro Bundle is now available!. Winamp for Android provides a complete solution for managing music files (2.1 OS & above) with the desktop wireless sync (latest Winamp Media Player required) to import your iTunes library, and access thousands of Internet radio station with shoutcast. Visit http://www.winamp.com/android to learn more."I was so impressed that I set as default player and uninstall the others."


v1.2.10 Change Log:
 Ability to adjust to Folder View Home:
 # New: the ability to interact with standalone "Winamp Pro" application
 # Improved: check Winamp Pro Bundle license
 # Improved: Search folder view
 # Improved: maintain the current position of the game
 # Improved: battery drain
 # Fixed: Custom EQ preset name duplication
 # Fixed: Replay Gain Distortion

New features:
 * Unlock premium features with the Pro Bundle (via in-app purchase)
 * Now supports synchronization with Winamp Beta for Mac
 * Sensitive to the touch gestures Album Cover
 * Download music freer access in spinner
 * Additional album CDLP (free streaming)
 * Headset optimisations

 Main features:
 * Free Wireless Synchronization
 * One-click import your iTunes library and playlists
 * More than 47k + SHOUTcast Radio
 * Cash flow from SHOUTcast
 * Persistent player controls
 * Easily removable / expandable Now Playing screen
 * Artist news, biographies, discographies and photos
 * Tools Menu - Now Playing data interacts with other applications
 Album Art 
 * gestures to change lanes
 * Download music for free with Spinner MP3 of the Day
 * Free Music streaming with CDLP - on-demand streaming of press folk albums
 * Integrated Search & Android "Listen" The vote in the country
 * To be an artist, album, song, or browse genres
 * Lists and playlist shortcuts
 * Play Queue Management
 * Widget-Player (4x1 and 4x2)
 * Lock screen reader
 * Last.fm scrobbling
 * Available in 14 languages

 Known issues:
 * Some Droid X user interface devices may experience problems after updating to Android 2.3.3 (requires a fix from Motorola)
 * In Winamp version 1.2 for Android - M4A file playback is distorted on the Droid X2
 * Pro Bundle - gapless playback, crossfades, and EQ does not support M4A files to Android 2.1
 * Bundle / Pro can not be supported with chipsets that are not floating-point calculations on systems older or less expensive

Winamp 1.2.10 Apk
Size : 4.7 MB
Requires Android:2.1 and up

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