Monday, January 30, 2012

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD for Android

Anomaly Warzone Earth HDThe concept of this game is intelligent - imagine playing as the wave of attackers in a heavily defended location, instead of the defensive units. The game feels big budget, and is extremely fun to play. Many levels are challenged Hours

Switch Tower Defense in the head - the attacker, playing offense Tower!
PocketGamer"If you're a strategy, you need this game, "Platinum Award!
TouchGen"" so compelling, it is almost impossible to put down "EDITOR'S CHOICE!
TouchArcade""! And the nails "5 / 5 STARS GAME Award of the Year RUNNER-UP!
AppSpy "," Last Judgement "fantastic intriguing take on the role reversal in a Tower Defense Game": GREAT!
IGN"A perfect challenge for all strategists"Nominated for Best Strategy Award Mobile!

Anomaly Warzone Tower Defense game winning HD Earth turns on its headThis time he takes control of the attacking force, measure your troops heavily armored against the alien horde towers destructiveCarefully follow your team through the defenses invaders, shattering its towers and turrets with special weapons and power-ups in this new revolutionary experiences of crime tower.

 - Experience a new kind of tower defense game where you have the offensive team
 - Think tactically and make sure you choose the right teamthe way, special weapons and plan strategy for success in Torre Attack
 - Gather resources strategically in order to buy and upgrade new and more powerful units
 - Play for hours with the inclusion of game modesStory and Campaign mode Assault Squad
 - Immerse yourself in the most advanced graphics and atmospheric soundtrack

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