Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mortal Skies Full Apk for android

Mortal Skies is a classic shoot-em-up arcade action game with a game full of action and graphics. Check out this fast-paced 2D shooter with the hours, even days of fun. Collection of all the successes to maintain The challenge to unlock additional planes.

Mortal Skies Apk
Mortal Skies 2 Apk
Mortal Skies Apk android

- Plans 3-D rendered as the Spitfire and other such awesome Warbirds ww2
- Win XP to improve the configuration of the aircraft (speed, bullitpower, armor, and bonuses).
- Purchase of objects within the game, this is completely optional, everything can be bought also be activated
The levels and / or services.
- 7 large levels with different environments such as canyons, snow and more.
- Huge Selection Endboss including bombers, helicopters and even an angry fighting one-on-One with the enemy Air High
Fighter pilot.
- 10 weapons upgrades / power-ups, including mini-gun, mega bombs, carpet bombs, and Wingman Reflective Shield (reflected
Absorbs enemy missiles bullits) and much more.
- Impressive Mission accomplished: Win cups of bronze, silver and gold for each of nine different services
Missions. The performance of different game requires a different tactic, I know you will be challenged to play.
Unlock planes and a bonus level where you will be given an impressive firepower.
- OpenFeint integrated. Submit your score and compete with other players around the world for the best Mortal Skies
Fighter in the world.
- Difficulty can be adjusted with a slider (100 levels of difficulty!). INCREASE
Difficulty also increases the maximum points available. There is always the challenge of creating this site.
- Check your plane with touch controls and accelerometers.

Recommended equipment:
The best:
2 devices based on Tegra
Nexus S,Samsung Galaxy,Samsung Galaxy S,Samsung Galaxy Tablet,
HTC Desire,HTC Legend,MyTouch G2,Droid,Droid 2,T-Mobile G2

Requirements: Android 2.1 +
Description: 1944, one of the last six drivers to avoid a superpower hostile invasion. Will he do it and to destroy
the course of World War 2?
This game is an in-game purchases, this is completely optional, anything you buy can be unlocked

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