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Honey Comb Seven Launcher

Honey Comb Seven Launcher Full 1.3
A honeycomb of seven to operate with absolute reliability and easy. The installation of this application on the device Honeycomb, you can have the same vision of Microsoft Windows 7 The same features of Windows 7, I’m not talking about the real Windows 7, Windows 7 is not mobile, their honeycomb windows 7, new to joltatech. Now we need many more applications for downloading files, explore the different file formats. Can cut, copy and paste. It can run any application installed on the device through these seven. Possible to install new applications from this launcher.

Special honeycomb design for 3.0
Xoom Motorola and other brands of pads
“Honey Comb Seven” A taste of Windows 7 on your Honeycomb 3.0 & up, is a better pitcher specifically for devices honeycomb.

Key Features:
> You can use this application with all the big LCD, no resolution, no comb to use tablets!
> The same taste for windows7
> With the file explorer, zip / unzip, hydraulic, Task Killer features
> Calendar, volume icon, the icon of the wifi signal, the battery icon, added the date and time
Developed> A panel for the various system settings can install / uninstall any application, other options
> Remove Programs, screens, set the desired screen as the screen is very easy to change later
Is added> Powerful Flash Player
Features> Many more than is necessary for each tablet
Can> The rest of you feel
More updates are coming soon, our team of experts is continuously working to improve this application. Your suggestions and comments are mostly fell on us.
Day: 7-Eleven-Tools Free zip unzip file manager explorer open ePub reader-text-swf-player jump on my computer, my documents programe-panel SD card reader-html-launcher-adw-Win7-flyers zoom HTC Motorolla Samsung Galaxy tab acer asus tablet-to-mobile-home docks ADW Launcher customize screen, better cut, Hancock, skype angry birds live wallpaper msn-yahoo-widget-root-battery-youtube-google-facebook-best-top-91 pitcher panda spb spb-shell honeycomb launcher 3D image viewer audio player video mp3 player games
What’s new
What is in this version:
First Known bugs have been fixed.
According to work on Honeycomb 3.2
Third X-Large monitors are supported.
4 Some permissions settings.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Our developers are working to improve the quality of this application.
This application has access to the following:
Network Communications
full access to the Internet
Create an application, network jacks.
Your personal data
Contact read
Allows an application to read, all the contacts (address) data stored on the device. The malicious applications can use it to send the information to others.
/ Change edit remove USB playback / erase the contents of the SD card
Allows an application to write the USB memory. Allows an application to write to the SD card.
System Tools
recover applications running
Allows the application that contains information about ongoing and recently receiving tasks. Never be able to detect malicious programs for private information to other applications.
general system settings
Allows an application to the system settings to change the data. Malicious applications may impact the configuration of the system.
Application always run
Allows an application to parts of the stubborn, so that the system can not be used for other applications.
Hardware controls
Control vibrator
Allows the application to control the vibrator.
Network Communications
Network status
Allows an application to display the status of all networks.
Your personal data
Choose the widget
Lets say the application of the system, the widgets with which applications can be used. This permission allows applications to give access to personal data in other applications. Not for normal applications.
System Tools:
expand the status bar / collapse
Allows the application to expand or collapse, the status bar.
Set wallpaper
Allows you to use the system to store the background image.
Set size hints background
Allows you to use the system set suggestions size wallpaper.
kill background processes
Allows an application to kill background processes of other applications, even if memory is low.
favorite series
Allows an application to modify for your favorite applications. This can be so malicious applications to change the applications that run silently, spoofing existing applications to collect private information from you.

  • Last Updated: 2011-09-27
  • Price:  Free
  • OS: 3.0 and up
  • Language: English
  • Version: 1.3

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