Saturday, July 7, 2012

SwiftKey 3 Tablet Keyboard Apk v3.0.0.275 Download

SwiftKey 3 Tablet Keyboard learns what words and phrases are used, and how to interact with the keyboard as you use it to enter more easily and accurately over time. In addition, you can use it with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard understand how words work together, giving more precise forecasts of corrections and other keyboards. Typing magically very sloppy way, even if you miss spaces, and SwiftKey 3 Tablet also predicts your next words

SwiftKey is one of the best selling Android applications for this reason that turns the keyboard, making typing a breeze and effort you save every day.

New in SwiftKey 3 Tablet:
Smart Space – fixes typos even if you miss spaces as you type
New look – two beautiful new themes for your keyboardEasier layout – larger space bar, quick punctuation key and other tweaksNew languages – seven new languages for our international friendsImproved prediction – the words you want, more of the time

If your app not work properly, you need to update your language models. To do this, go to Settings, Languages & layouts, press menu and tap "update languages". When "update" appears next to your language(s), press it. When you return to your keyboard things should be working properly.

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