Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chaos War Apk v1.0.0

The story of Chaos War apk takes place on a mystical land. Once a demon warnearly swallowed its history, when 3 races, human, elves, and orcs, united together and sealed the devil lord. Now with each nation holds a seal stone, everyone believes only by safeguarding the stone could they protect their kingdoms well, until one day all seal stones are broken, and a new catastrophe befalls.

Like a new lord, you must develop your empire quickly and put together a formidable force at the time, the Legion to fight chaos. Over time, you can many heroes meet, research and technology magic you even stronger. And you're not fighting alone. By creating or joining an alliance, the technology-sharing alliance with your organization, the Legion's defeat, and bring me the final peace in this region.

Chaos War is an epic role-playing strategy. It takes just 5 minutes to learn and very impressive.

Chaos War 1.0.0 Game Features:

- Fight formidable bosses with your companions.
- Fantastic game graphics. Each race has its own building style.
- Construction appearance changing with each level upgraded.
- Featured fusion system to forge legendary equipment.
- Growing novice package that helps players to developer their castle quickly.
- Many powerful items to get through wishing pound.
- A massive quest system with endless quests to complete.
- Different three races with their own specializations.
- Unique login reward that ensures your provisions.
- Dazzling combat animation with real punch.

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