Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Install Cydia Without Re-Jailbreaking


Tutorial To Install Cydia Without Re-Jailbreaking:

Well, for those who have already jailbroken your apple iphone and wish to re-install or repair your Cydia, then, you’re on course! Here’s showing the step-by-step recommendations to set up Cydia .n file in your jailbroken apple iphone / iPad / ipod device touch directly without re-jailbreaking. Take it easy, it’s not so tough to perform. Keeping the suspense a bit more, just lower your mind below to achieve the recommendations.


How To Install Cydia Without Re-Jailbreaking:

Step – 1 : You have to SSH into your iOS device. This method involves connecting to your device through a SSH client and accessing root files [system files], which are otherwise blocked access by Apple. Be sure, your iOS device have an internet connection over your Home WiFi.

Step – 2 : Then, launch the Terminal and type the following command to remove installation of Cydia “apt-get remove cydia” without quotes.

Step – 3 : In order to re-install Cydia, execute the command: “apt-get install cydia” without quotes.

That’s it!

Alternative Method :

Step – 1 : First, download Cydia.deb file from here.

Step – 2 : Now, use WinSCPor CyberDuck to copy it in your iOS device.

Step – 3 : After that, use the following command to reinstall Cydia;

dpkg -i / cydia.deb

Step – 4 : Finally, respring your device by issuing the following command;

killall -HUP Springboard

That’s it! You have done it!

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