Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baseball Superstars 2012 Apk

Baseball Superstars ® 2012, the ultimate baseball experience of intelligent Step to the plate to the best baseball experience on Android Market, now more than ever in crisp HD! The sky is the limit with the amount of the conditions of arrest issued, updated and pitching moves, endless customization, excellent new game modes and much more. Whether managing a team in competition or training a rookie in the Hall of Fame, you are in control of everything.

Join the series, which has been downloaded over 30 million times by players around the world with Baseball Superstars ® 2012!

BASEBALL crystal clear HD
See more, play better - more detail and clarity, an eye-opening football game in high definition and high definition displays for the latest Android devices.Smart and make intelligent controls optimized IA
. New Tilt and Gesture control allows an intuitive pitching and batting. To make AI teammates to play smart baseball exciting, in a split second and still throws laser precision.

Total team customization:
Customize your team logo, stadium, uniforms and equipment. Recruit combine, and leveling the players to put together the best team

Extended my Batter my pitcher FASHION:
Train to skill points, new special moves and stat increases that earn nicknames as you rise from rookie to superstar. 

Bill Gates:
The best teams against other users around the world in PvP

SUPER PICK players and more:
The challenges of the new super-players to join them for the team. Follow the varied history of success and the ability of the player's skill.

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