Sunday, November 27, 2011

Symbiyan Hacking step2

                 At First Download Symbian hack step file
  • (350.6 KB)
  • Mobile Security.sis (874.5 KB)
  • (5.5 KB)
  • RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx (193.3 KB)
  • (1.1 KB)
  • X-plore S60 3rd+5th edition

Now extract archive in C: Drive on your mobile using Xplore application
You should get a C:\tmquarantine\ path.

Now install Mobile Security.sis”  Anti-Virus , When prompted for a restart, just select Yes.

Now open Anti-Virus app . if you see  any Pop-Up  Dialog just select Yes again.

Now go options >> Quarantine list, Then mark all the items.

Now Press Options, And select Restore at all files. Hit Yes when prompted.

Now uninstall Antivirus Application or Delete, And install RomPatcher+ on memory card.

Open  RomPatcher+  and  apply the following patches:
  • Open4all – get  Access for every folder.
  • Installserver  - for installing any unsigned apps (if the icon is crossed and red in color, you need to download an installserver pack)
Otherwise You can also press Options, then select Add to auto on the patches you want to be automatically patched on every phone re-boot.

If you can not apply rom patcher, if show Red Cross. Then go symbian hack step 3 and download installserver pack  and copy your hand set completable version installserver.exe file on memory card . And open  Xplore Application , press 0 button >> tic / fill up first 4 check box, then back, select your installserver.exe file copy and past c:/sys/bin  (possible only if Open4All patch is enabled)

For your mobile Compitable  installserver list bellow
installserver91: for E60, E61i, E62, E65, E70, N71, N73, N75, N77, N80, N91, N91, N92(Symbian 9.1)installserver92: for E51, E90, N76, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N93, N93i, N95, N95-2, 6290, 5700, 6120, 6110, i520, i550, i400, i450, i560, G810, N78, N96, 6220(Symbian 9.2, 9.3)installserver3250: for 3250
installserver5500: for 5500
installservere50: for E50
installservere61: for Å61 or 3250 (if first file wont work only)
installserver934: for newest 9.3 and all 9.4 models
installserverS3: for all Symbian^3 (and Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle)

 Congratulations! Your phone is now officially hacked! 
Enjoy any Singed , unsinged application on your Mobile.
Note: If show ROMPATCHER no data or patches availableI give a patch .
Just extract it on E:/patches/ or C:/patches/ folder, depending on your installation.

Thanking BY

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